7. Still Neuchâtel

St Blaise: A lovely place to spend 4.5 hours standing on the road, if you're ever in the area

I’m never hitching from the side of the road again. Never.

Four hours, and I’ve moved from one end of the high street to the other, about 600 metres (with a lift though, I didn’t walk).

After standing by what I thought was a turn off for the motorway for about 20 minutes, a nice driver stopped and told me a was standing by the wrong exit, and suggested I get the bus to the other and of the town (its actually not Neuchâtel, but a town before it, the very first one where they speak French). I said I didn’t have any Francs, and after looking noticing that he didn’t either, he drove me to where I needed to stand… which I did, for a further four hours, until another nice guy came up and suggested I try the petrol station 10km up the road, which he drove me to. He not only drove me there, he tried to help me find a hitch there, but I said I would be fine. Sure enough, after maybe 20 minutes, I was on the road again, with a documentary film maker (or ‘a professional tourist’ as he called himself), heading to Geneva.

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