3. The Girl and the man

The next hitch I got was with a good looking 50-something year old man and a completely gorgeous younger woman, who couldn’t have been older than me. She mentioned that she was visiting her parents, and nodded in the man’s direction. But it wasn’t until 10 minutes before I got out of the car that I realized that they were father and daughter. I had felt bad for finding her so attractive. She was just about to start studying art, and had moved away from Berlin the day before. Shame. I explained about the girl and the project and what I was doing, and they were interested, but because I hadn’t worked out the relationship between them, and I was sitting in the back, it was tricky to draw the conversations out.

They were driving to Frankfurt, and via Frankfurt would have been a more direct route to Lyon. When we stopped and it was time to go our separate ways, they said they were going to have a bite of lunch, and I asked if i could join them on the bench. They said yes, and I started to explain the reason for my trip to the daughter again, confident she would be charmed by it, while her dad went to the toilet. She laughed and liked it and told me how it reminded me of a film by Fatih Akim, in which a girl hitches to Istanbul, and is picked up by a guy who is driving there to surprise a girl who he knows will be on a  bridge at a certain time. They have all sorts of adventures, and when they reach Istanbul, he realizes he has fallen in love with the girl he met on the journey.

The crazy thing was, this is the first time I had sat next to this girl, face to face. And, as she explained the plot of the film, she was making the plot come true right there – I could have fallen for her right there. The very act of her explaining the plot, made the plot happen.

She didn’t make a comment about falling in love, and experience or anything, but she did just what I hoped people would – she gave me something beyond my imagination, beyond my conceptions. Reality always delivers.

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