While in Istanbul six weeks ago, the artist Oliver Walker met a girl from Lyon. They spent three days together, fell in love, and went their separate ways without discussing their future. Upon returning to their respective cities, they did start to write, to get in touch, and get closer.

The artist had already been reflecting on the architecture of coincidence involved in meeting people prior to his Istanbul trip. His meeting someone there, however, turned his disparate ideas into something real, and culminated in the piece we see here tonight.

This is live. This is live art.

The above text is the one projected on the wall during the first public part of this project, A Performance Lecture about Falling in Love, Part 1 @ Mindpirates Vereinsheim, Schlesischestor, Berlin. The first blog post will tell you more.

The project takes the form of a performance lecture in two parts, a journey, and this blog. This blog has been re-organised from its ‘live’ state between the first and second parts of the performances, to act as more of a documentation of the performances and journey. Follow the story by clicking through the pages with the links at the top of the posts.

The project attempts to deal with love, authenticity and a few other problems on the way. Be sure to read through to ‘The Ending’ – but no cheating!

1. A Performance Lecture about Falling in Love, Part 1

2. Leaving Berlin

3. The Girl and the man

4. Sabrina, Conrad and Elizabeth (Pflegeleicht)

5. Sweet family: hunky tree surgeon, his wife and cute

6. Neuchâtel!

7. Still Neuchâtel

8. The God of hitching rectifies the Neuchâtel wait.

9. ‘Le Puy en Velay’ sign in sight

10. Thistle stop

11. The Ending

12. Fade Out

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